Russ White – Situation Normal

Situation Normal
a solo art exhibit by Russ White

March 4 – 19
Opening Reception: Saturday, March 4, 6pm – 10pm
Artist talk: Saturday, March 11, 4pm
Closing Reception: Sunday, March 19, 12pm – 5pm
*Contact us for an appointment to visit aside from events
russ white slippery slope

Slippery Slope – Russ White

This new body of work uses orange and white traffic barricades as a kind of mixed metaphor for our current national mood. In day-to-day life, these traffic cones and “Road Closed” signs stand in our way; they slow us down, they reroute our commute, they inconvenience us. But from another perspective, they are beneficial. They are signs of roads being fixed, of bridges being built, of infrastructure being strengthened. Of progress. Staunch and impassive, emblazoned with an American flag reworked in dirty white and safety orange, these barricades are a call to arms to resist the unAmerican initiatives of this administration and this Congress.


Liberty Russ White

Liberty – Russ White

Featured in the exhibition will be large scale colored pencil drawings, sculptures, homemade flags, and a series of brightly colored portraits inspired by coins. Where the barricades are passive and impersonal reminders of the turmoil in our country, the faces of White’s subjects are striking reminders of our shared humanity. Playing off the idea of loose change, this series of colored pencil busts questions our traditional notions of worth and value, emphasizing the beauty in us all. These are not just pretty portraits; they reframe empathy against the backdrop of capital, asking the viewer to consider what truly makes us rich.

russ white barricade

Barricade – Russ White

The show takes its name from the military acronym SNAFU, meaning “Situation Normal: All Fucked Up.” The work in this exhibition strives to remind viewers that this new political reality is, in fact, not normal at all.

A percentage of all sales will be donated to Planned Parenthood and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The gallery will be collecting donations for these organizations at the opening reception as well.

out of order russ white

Out of Order – Russ White

Caution Flag Russ White

Caution Flag – Russ White